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Gyakori hibaelhárítás

  1. Check if the emergency stop has been reset or not. If not, rotate the button anti-clockwise to reset it.

  2. Check if the safety switch between feed box and storage box is completely closed. If not, machine can not be started.

  3. Checking overload protector of the motor. The overload protector in the
    electrical control box will work if the motor overloads. Test white key (A) turn left, press the “Reset” button (B) to reset it. Before it starts again, check whether there is any powder left in the granulator.

  4. Check the overload protector of the feeding blower’s motor. If the feeding blower does not run, the granulator can run neither. Check the motor protector in the electric control box. If the protector is closed, the switch will be at “0” position, reset it to “1” position. Check if there’s no leftover, then re-start the machine. Test the white key(A) turn left, press” Reset” key (B) to reset it.

  5. Check the clearance between the blades .The stop will happen or the motor overload protector will work if the blade is very blunt or the space between blades is not correct. Protector will be tripped if motor is overload. Blades should be checked, replaced or adjusted between the blades.

  6. The contactor is burnt down or the control circuit is break off.

  7. Check the phase sequence protector, which is inside the control box. If power phase shortage occurs, the phase sequence protector will cut off the control circuit of granulator, and it leads to granulator can’t be started.

  1. Connection failure or looseness of safety switch or limit switch can also result in operation failure.

Note: Do not disconnect to safety switch or control switch.